Constanze Paulinus

International Coach & Choreographer

Constanze rolling up the skater’s sleeves at the barrier

My Coaching Philosophy

I believe that each athlete is unique, and my job is to place their interests at the forefront, enabling them to achieve their goals and to realise their individual potential.

In the dance studio, skater is in the kanding position and Constanze is standing by her side smiling

My Coaching Pathway

I began coaching alongside my training in the United Kingdom and continued in Germany until I retired from amateur competition. I have since worked in Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Luxembourg, as well as attending summer camps in the USA and Canada.

Constanze is fine-tuning the presentation of her skater on the ice; other skaters blurred in the background

My Coaching Method

I am intrigued by the individual bio-mechanics and cognitive skills of each skater and how they relate to musicality, choreography and technical skills, so as to achieve the best performance for each individual.